My first Holga shots


Oh I am so excited to show you the very first shots from my new Holga! I bought it at Blue Moon Camera and Machine in Portland. If you are into film photography and are in Portland, this is the place to visit. They have all kinds of really cool old cameras and lenses there.

I bought the standard beginner  Holga for my first one. Nothing fancy. Mine doesn’t even have a built-in flash. The sales person at Blue Moon gave me a quick tutorial which included showing me how to load the film.

I decided, for my first roll, I would go with color. It was a beautiful, Sunny winter day outside and perfect for color film.

The first shot I took was of my friend Preita, who was kind enough to let me break in my new camera on her. I snapped a few shots while in the St. Johns Neighborhood and then drove back to Sandy. I thought it would be fun to get some shots of Mt. Hood from Jonsrud Viewpoint so I did. unfortunately, I had already forgotten the tutorial I received an hour earlier because I forgot to advance the film on several frames. Oh well.

Tomorrow I will show you the roll of Black and White film I shot and give you some insights I had about film photography vs. digital photography.

So here you go.  For your enjoyment and entertainment.





7 thoughts on “My first Holga shots

    1. Thank you! I am really excited about exploring film photography this year. It feels like a whole new world (though I did start out as a film photographer but that was a long time ago)


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