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For the past week I’ve been eating really healthy, and not even really spending a huge amount of effort on it. Well, with the exception of Sunday. I have been making juice in the morning and I try to eat a salad for lunch (this doesn’t always happen). The main thing is that I havent’ had as much sugar. Actually, my sugar intake has dropped down to almost zero. I have a teaspoon in my coffee in the morning but that’s it (for the most part). Yesterday I had a piece of that there cake that you see in the photo above. It is from a bakery in town that is delicious, Tollgate Bakery, and I love everything that they make. However, when I took a few bites of this cake I almost vomited. There was so. much. sugar. I had to throw most of it away. This just doesn’t happen with me and cake. I never throw cake away, ever. There might be hope for me! I may, yet, end this sugar addiction! yay!

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