Running Update

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Trail Running at Wildwood Park

As per my usual introduction to these posts: It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about my running. This time it’s been about five months. 

I am happy because I’ve been running at least 3 days a week consistently since that last post. I haven’t had any injuries. My plantar fascitis still acts up but I run through it and if it is really bad I ice it by rolling my foot over a frozen fruit juice container (you know what I’m talking about, right? Those tube-like things you buy in the frozen food section). I also wear (and this is really sexy) a Strassburg Sock. As dorky as it looks, it has helped tremendously.

I have started training for a 10k. I had been putting it off and putting it off and then all of my running friends started kicking ass with their running and it totally motivated me to kick my training up a notch. Eventually I am going to run a half-marathon, but first I want to start small. I have to find some 10k runs in the area to work toward though. This one on the Wildwood Trail in Portland looks fun (except I just noticed that it is on September 3rd when I will be in Paris. Sigh.). I’ll have to do some more research.

Honestly, though I don’t know if I am a race runner. I love my alone time when I run. I relish it. I don’t know if being around all of those people will do much for me. The only reason I would do a race is, merely, to say I’ve done it. Is that a good enough reason? I don’t know…

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