There is really cool graffiti in Paris

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I am on my way back home to Sandy, sitting in the Philadelphia airport. I had such a fantastic time. One of the highlights of my life. A trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Now I need to go back because there is so much that I missed!

I will post more photos and try to post stories in the coming week.

One thing about Paris that was really cool was the graffiti. There is lots of really cool street art all over the place. Rafael knew about most of it. It was fun find it scattered all throughout the city. We think this might be Banksy and I think we also saw a Banksy piece at Notre Dame.

4 thoughts on “There is really cool graffiti in Paris

  1. Thanks for reading my latest posted poem (Psalm 11). This writing of yours was listed in the response post, and I enjoyed the reading. Paris is a treat, no doubt, and will remain so. Recent horrible events to not deter its delight. Thanks, again!

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