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I have decided that I don’t really like the pyramids. But, then, perhaps I am not sophisticated enough to understand the artistic intent. I am wondering why Pei chose to use a pyramid. I suppose I can understand why as far as practical reasons go. However, aesthetically, it really looks out of place. What are your thoughts?

When we wandered out the Louvre, both times, I was totally shocked by the Apple Store in the Carrousel (the shopping mall that you walk through as you exit). It was totally surreal to wander around in this place with so much, mind-blowingly so, history and be confronted with something so American and representative  of the present time. I was so shocked by this that I completely missed La Pyramide Inversée (featured prominently  in The DiVinci Code). I wandered by this thing twice and don’t have any recollection of it.

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