Wayback Wednesday

Grandpa and Grandma Smith.

Grandpa and Grandma Smith.

These are my dad’s parents, Grandpa and Grandma Smith. I loved my Granny Franny. She was my last grandmother to depart and I got to spend some good time with her before she died. I loved taking her out to lunch when I was up from California visiting my parents. My Grandpa Jim died of leukemia when I was a teen and he was always really quiet. I didn’t know him very well. I regret not getting to know him better.  I recently learned that he was a descendant  of Huguenots, and that my ancestors from his side fled religious persecution in France. Interesting!  I would like to learn more about that bit of history.

I realize that I look a lot like him. We have the same color eyes and the same tight-lipped smile.

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