We made books!

Vista party 12/12/12

I did a lot of stapling yesterday.

I have been helping on the  most amazing project the past few months and it all came to fruition yesterday! I breifly mentioned the kids from the after-school program I do once a week in a post from a couple of weeks ago. This year we wanted to do something really special with them. I have been very interested in bookmaking and zines for quite a while and thought it might be fun to create a zine with this group. Actually, my colleague came up with the idea first, but it had also been on my mind as well (we talked about kid zines in a previous conversation). It ended up being a really fun project and it happened a lot more quickly than I expected! Each week we went up there and we had the kids write poems, draw pictures, and tell us stories (that we transcribed). We then compiled them into a little booklet. Yesterday was our big unveiling and presentation.

Vista party 12/12/12

The unveiling!

I am SO proud of them! I continue to be blown away by their creativity. I hope that this is the first of many issues. We decided on “Animals” as a theme this time. We got really awesome and varied stories, from fantasies about unicorns, to real stories from their past. They were all so fantastic. I love these kids.

Vista party 12/12/12

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