Tell Me Everything You Remember About Kindergarten

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My first day of kindergarten was the first time I would take a bus anywhere. The yellow bus picked me up right in front of my house. My mom reluctantly handed me off to the bus driver and away I went to school. The trip to school was fine. It was getting back home that was the problem. I didn’t know what to do. The bus driver drove and drove and drove as each child was delivered home. I ended up being the last person on the bus. I sat there, all alone and afraid. The bus driver asked me where I lived and I don’t remember what I told him. I remember being very afraid. I am sure I cried. Eventually we made our way back to my home where my mom was waiting for me. I am still not sure why this happened. I think I was too shy to tell the bus driver to stop.

I remember the snack that first day. I remember being give Cheez-its for the first time for my snack and describing them to my sister later on after I came home. I thought they were the most delicious and wonderful food I have ever eaten. I was fascinated by thier size and the tiniest hole in the middle of them.

I have a vague memory of playing Wallball and Four Square.

I remember feeling out of place. I remember being shy with the other kids.


5 thoughts on “Tell Me Everything You Remember About Kindergarten

  1. My parents discovered while I was in first grade that I was blind as a bat. SOOOOO
    I don’t have many memories of kindergarden until I got my glasses !


  2. I know its really funny but apparently I kept walking up to the black board and the teacher sent home a note, consequently my formative years are kinda blurry : )

    It makes perfect sense to be shy when you cannot see !! 👀


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