Exciting things!


Contrary to how things look from the lack of activity on this blog, there has been lots going on! Lots of really great things. It all relates to photography, which is why it hasn’t been on this blog. I’ve been posting lots of that stuff on my photography blog. Also, I think I might have spread myself a bit thin in the blogging department because I am finding less time for personal blogging. Which is a shame because I miss Blatherskite. I am going to try to make more of an effort to update here. I am thinking that in April I will post everyday.

I thought that today I would an update with some of the photography projects going on. The first of those things is my latest camera acquisition!


It is a large format pinhole camera. Which means it is a camera that uses sheet film – 4×5 sized. It’s a whole new, exciting world for me! This camera is really great because it is so versatile. I can use 4×5 film but I can also put a back on it that takes medium format film as well.  This camera also has zone plate settings, which I am looking forward to playing with.  Last week I played with some 4×5 film – even developed it myself. You can read all  about my adventures here.

The next exciting project is that I am finally going to build a darkroom in my apartment. This has been coming together really quickly and I’m super excited! My biggest hurdle with having my own darkroom has been lack of space. But last week my Twitter friend Jeff offered up a small, old, enlarger that he wasn’t using anymore.  I ended up being the lucky recipient of it! When he offered it all of a sudden the possibilty of a darkroom appeared in my mind and I could see how it could happen, and pretty easily. He sent me the enlarger’s dimensions and, sure enough, they worked for my small space. So off it went in the mail! I got it on Monday and put it together. It. is awesome.


It only takes 35mm negatives but that is just fine. It’s perfect for my postcard exchange project.  I am going to start collecting all of the things I will need to make this happen. It will be a temporary darkroom. I will set it up and take it down when not in use.

I am going to blog about this project so stay tuned! I may even do a Youtube video about it too.

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