Devil’s Punchbowl – Oregon Coast


The Devil's Punchbowl, churning with water. taken in December 2014. Zero 2000 and Portra 160.My latest post on Pinhole Obscura! Enjoy!

Pinhole Obscura

For the past three years I’ve spent Christmas in Newport, Oregon. I am going to also spend this Christmas there, as well, and I will probably be visiting a place called Devil’s Punchbowl.

What I have here is a collection of pinhole shots from Devil’s Punchbowl, taken with my Zero 2000 and my Terrapin Bijou, and at different times of the year. Some of them were taken last Christmas, and some of them were taken this past summer. Last summer I had the rare opportunity to actually walk into the punch bowl and pinhole the inside of it. You can see from the pictures it is usually churning with water!

I knew this would be a blog post for Pinhole Obscura the first time I visited this place, however, I can’t really figure out what makes this place so significant, aside from it’s name and it’s cool geology. This…

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