Film Swap Fun!


A while back I was matched up with a partner in a Medium Format Film Film Swap group on Facebook. My partner was the fabulous pinhole photographer Inga Dinga. I’ve admired her work for some time so I was really excited to be matched up with her!

I shot my photos during my pinhole adventure to Oneonta Gorge with my Zero 2000, then I dropped it in the mail to Lithuania. I got the results back last week and I couldn’t be more pleased! They turned out really great! Inga had the brilliant idea to make triptychs out of them.

Tryptic No. III - Amusement

Tryptic No III – Amusement

Tryptic No. II - Herbarium

Tryptic No. II – Herbarium

Tryptic No. I - Skyfall

Tryptic No. I – Skyfall

You can see more from our swap here. And please stop and visit Inga’s Flickr stream for more of her amazing work!


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