my kitchen


I might have mentioned that I took the Beginning Kourse at Sketchbook Skool. I loved it! It got me out of my funk and back to sketching nearly every day. The last week was taught by Tommy Kane, whom I think I really like the best out of all the artist/teachers. I just like his style the best. And his approach. His assignment was to take hours to draw a very detailed drawing of our kitchen. I did it in 30 minute increments. I really, really enjoyed doing this. Taking the time to really look at the details and draw them was very meditative and relaxing. And, as far as drawing goes, it built my confidence. I feel less overwhelmed by a blank page now. What I did with this drawing was I just started with something, in this case, my stove. And then I just built from there. So the lesson I took away from this is to just start with something. Anything. Don’t even look at it as part of a big picture. Just look at it as a piece of the big picture. Draw it and then move on to the next thing.

Here are some photos of my process and then the final drawing (which I even took the time to scan 🙂 !)



5 thoughts on “my kitchen

  1. This looks great and I can see improvement over your earlier sketches! I have Danny Gregory’s and Dan Price’s book and really enjoyed them both. Now you have me interested in Tommy Kane’s book.. Now because of that practice I don’t feel anxiety about if my sketch doesn’t look perfect etc, which really helps. The exercises on focusing on the subject rather than what is on your paper, as well as drawing what you see versus what you think something is supposed to look like is really liberating (and helped with my photography too for some reason).


    1. Thank you! Yes- check out Tommy Kane’s book! There isn’t any instruction but it’s very inspiring. I really love his style. Danny Gregory’s books are fantastic as well. I love the whole casual nature of keeping a sketchbook


    1. Aw! Thank you Marisa! That means a lot. I still feel like I am not good. 🙂 You totally have the skill! It’s just like riding a bike 🙂


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