Travel Sketchbook – Pinhole And Pinhole Accessories


Here is another drawing from my travel sketchbook. For this trip I am going to bring only one pinhole camera: my trusty Terrapin Bijou. The size is perfect for travel and I love the economy of 6 x 4.5. I am honestly probably bringing too much film with me. I am doubting I will go through all of those rolls. But you never know!

I am very excited about that quick release thing that you see in the drawing. It means I can shoot landscape on my mini tripod!

4 thoughts on “Travel Sketchbook – Pinhole And Pinhole Accessories

  1. Nice pinhole kit! I just shot my first roll of 6×4.5 with a Vermeer pinhole. My little Joby Gorillapod has a cutout in the ball head so I can shoot it landscape. I am slowly warming to 6×4.5 format as I have a Fuji GA645zi and now this pinhole. Always better to bring more film and not need it.

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    1. Thank you! I am really loving the format. I was a bit leery of it at first but really love the economy. I was more apt to shoot 6×9, rather than 6×6, so 6 x 4.5 works well for me.


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