I need an easy friend, I do, with an ear to lend


A friend reminded me that a couple of days ago was the death anniversary of Kurt Cobain. 😦 His blog post got me thinking about what my favorite Nirvana song is. A very hard choice. But I think my favorite Nirvana song is “About A Girl.”  I read (or heard) somewhere that is what fell out of his brain after listening to the Beatles all night. And, indeed, it has that jaunty, old time, rock and roll feel to it, with an edge.

So that thought came and went and I went about my business. Then yesterday as I walked home from work guess what song randomly popped up on my iTunes? Yep. About A Girl.

It’s always great to hear it and revisiting the MTV Unplugged video fills me with a little bit of sadness.



9 thoughts on “I need an easy friend, I do, with an ear to lend

  1. I don’t know what he went through and I don’t know why he killed himself. But I’m his age, and I know what I went through, and I really wanted to kill myself more than once. And I didn’t. I persisted. I let the hurts hurt.

    And now life is good.

    That’s all I can ever think of when I think of Kurt Cobain. His life probably would have turned out good if he had only persisted.

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