You make me want to pick up a guitar…

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I was listening to music this morning and this oldie popped up on iTunes: Interpol’s Slow Hands. I love this song,and this whole album for that matter. I haven’t heard it in years and years.

So anyway!

I sprained my knee and have been crankily hobbling around on a crutch for the past week and a half. I really would love to get back into the habit of blogging more, but I am not sure that is going to be anytime soon. Maybe this post will be the seed that gets me going?



How did I get here?

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At the end of November I will be hanging some featured pinholes on our Local Artist Wall at the library so I’ve been going through old pinholes to see what to print. I bring my camera to work a lot so I thought it would be fun to show the photos that I’ve made in the library while at work. I also thought it would be fun to post some of them here on the blog. This particular one was from my Sheet A Day project from a couple of years ago. When I first took it I kind of glossed over it, but now I kind of dig it.

This photo comes with music (which seems to be the case lately) so scroll down for the soundtrack to this post. 🙂


Camera: Zero 45 (25mm)
Film: 100
Exposure time: 7 minutes
See bigger version on Flickr.



My  iTunes has been playing a lot of Bjork lately, randomly. I was reminded of this beautiful song the other day. I think it’s been about 20 years since I’ve heard it. Absolutely love the lyrics. They are so simple, so sad, but full of hope.

And yes, this song made me cry.

The video is gorgeous as well. I’ve always loved her videos.