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I impulsively signed up for a half marathon yesterday evening. I had no idea I was going to do this when I woke up yesterday. But when I got home from work I saw that my husband was doing research on local marathons and I noticed that the registration page was up for the Boring Marathon and the deadline to register was yesterday at midnight PDT. I thought, “hmmm.” And the next thing I know, I was signed up for the Boring half marathon. I will be honest, the pint glass for finishers was what kind of sealed the deal for me. At first I decided on the 8k. But then I realized that I have worked up to 5 miles on my long run days, why not challenge myself?

OK. So there. I’ve done it. My first half marathon is in 14 weeks. I am going to start officially training next week.

Today I am scouring the internets for training plans. I am going to obsess about this. There are tons of training plans out there. If you have done this and used a beginning half-marathon training plan that you liked, please feel free to let me know what it was! I think I would like to stay away from iPhone apps. I tend to get distracted by technology and rely on it too heavily at times.

So! I’m freaked out, and excited!

Speaking of that, a twitter friend responded to me with this tweet yesterday evening when I posted about this:

This is meant to be. Wish me luck!

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