Dispatches from a shy street photographer – Placa Del Sol


Today’s image comes from a wonderful little square in Barcelona, where I had the pleasure of drinking beers with my fellow pinhole photography friends on Pinholeday weekend.

I think this series could also be called “Dispatches from an accidental street photographer” because often I am more drawn to the architecture when I first shoot the image. It is later when I have developed the film and looked at the images that I notice something interesting going on with the people. I am not sure if these photos would technically fall under the rules of street photography, but whatevs.

In this case, the building caught my attention. It’s actually a very colorful building. You can see my iPhone snap here. I was told by a local that they served really good paella there, but I didn’t get the chance to try it.

Geeky bits

Camera: Olympus XA
Film: Arista.edu 400
Stand developed for one hour in Adonal

7 thoughts on “Dispatches from a shy street photographer – Placa Del Sol

  1. How was the XA on your trip? I’m trying to decide which little camera to take to Ireland. The XA, the XA2 and my original Stylus are on the list. So’s one of my Nikon SLRs but that’s not compact.


    1. I LOVED it for travelling. I used it in Amsterdam too. It’s the perfect size, fits right in the pocket. And I’ve gotten some really wonderful shots with it.


  2. I would have shot this intentionally as a street shot. So yes, I would consider this a street image in the traditional sense. Nice timing! You caught all those people looking down at the same time, the ones right in front and the ones on the left a little further in the frame. I assume they are checking their cell phones. When you add the dog, bike and the tall buildings, you have a really nice shot. Well done!

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