Fun with a new pinhole camera


A few weeks ago my buddy Todd sent me a new camera design to test out (He designs 3d printed cameras). I was completely thrilled to volunteer to do this! It is a box camera with a 75mm focal length for 4×5 film. I am used to the wider angle of a 25mm focal length so was really excited to try something new!

I decided to try the B&W film first since I had developer on hand. I had a lot of fun with the camera during the week and I’m loving the results so far. The camera is really lightweight and easy to carry around with me.

I am currently shooting through some color film and will develop and scan them this weekend. The results of that will be in next Friday’s photography post, so more on that later.

Check out the info about the camera on Thingiverse (and print one if you wish!). More about Todd can be found on his website.

For all of these photos, Fuji Acros 100 was used and they were developed in Diafine.


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