#100HappyDays weeks 6 and 7


Wow. I have been BUSY. Here are the last two weeks of happy days.

I have a disclaimer for April 28. The absolute highlight of that day was meeting one of my oldest internet friends in person. We had a fantastic chat. I am refraining from posting her photo because I want to preserve her privacy. So I am posting my second most awesome moment of the day: finding some good deals on cameras!

I was in California the weekend before last and it seems I brought the sunshine back with me because it’s been summer here!

2 thoughts on “#100HappyDays weeks 6 and 7

  1. Nice landscape shots! You reminded me that I have an old Kodak 35 loaded with Ektar 100 that I need to shoot. I grabbed it from an antique store. I cleaned it up and everything looks like it works. I will have to keep my fingers crossed.


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