Mountain Festival




Mountain Festival Kicks off Summer in Sandy. It occurs around the second weekend of July and most of the action takes place in the park, though the whole city gets involved. The festival is a combination of art vendors, music on the two stages, and food booths from the local non profits. Each year for the past several years I’ve volunteered at the Yakisoba Noodle booth, run by Mt Hood Hospice. The fixings for the noodles are donated by a company in Portland so all of the money made at the booth goes to Mt Hood Hospice. The members of Wy’East Zen Center volunteer there on Sundays as a way to show our appreciation for their generous donation of the space (this is where we hold our weekly meditation meetups).

The photo above is a pinhole photo taken two years ago with my Zero 45. I used the 50mm configuration and a 120 roll back. Ektar film was used.

Here are some snapshots from the day! I always enjoy spending money at this event. I feel like it’s good karma to support you local artist. 🙂

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