What is identity*


This week, WordPress’s Daily Post blog asks us to consider Identity. I find this subject fascinating and I think about it quite often. The idea of “Self” comes up a lot as I delve deeper into the study of Buddhism.

I am coming to the conclusion that identity is something that is not real. Identity changes, depending on who you are with, what your surroundings are, etc. Identity is a construct that we invent to help us make our way in the world. We put ourselves in boxes, we define ourselves for others, because that is what society tells us to do.


*Totally coming up dry as far as blog post ideas go, so I looked at my drafts folder. Here is something I wrote and left unfinished in April of 2016. It’s kind of weird to read it now. I think I still kind of agree with it. Maybe I’ll revisit this later this week.

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