Sunday runday

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Today I ran a very painful 12 miles. I mentioned earlier this week about an injury. I was very tempted to just skip my run today because, holy fuck, this injury is fucking painful. Basically, my running bra has caused a blister which has caused an abscess.  This exact thing happened last year and it sucked then too. However, last year it happened earlier in my training. This year it’s happening at a key point in my training when I can’t really take much of a break. So I sucked it up and just fucking did that motherfucker. And it fucking hurt. I ran it reeeeallly slow. But ended up, still, in “the plan’s” slower end of the recommended running pace. So there you go.  Tonight I’m eating pizza and drinking beer because I deserve it.


7 thoughts on “Sunday runday

  1. Ouch!
    Not really on the same level but for the first time ever i got running blisters doing the HM last week. right on the arch of both feet. they healed a bit and for a laugh i ran 23km on them yesterday – the fuckers are now burst and very very sore. No idea why this happened all of a sudden.

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  2. I remember when you got that injury last year. A different bra maybe? I stopped wearing them for biking b/c they are so uncomfortable in the heat and I guess if that offends anyone I’m ok with that.

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