Sunday runday

Today I ran a very painful 12 miles. I mentioned earlier this week about an injury. I was very tempted to just skip my run today because, holy fuck, this injury is fucking painful. Basically, my running bra has caused a blister which has caused an abscess. Β This exact thing happened last year and it sucked then too. However, last year it happened earlier in my training. This year it’s happening at a key point in my training when I can’t really take much of a break. So I sucked it up and just fucking did that motherfucker. And it fucking hurt. I ran it reeeeallly slow. But ended up, still, in “the plan’s” slower end of the recommended running pace. So there you go. Β Tonight I’m eating pizza and drinking beer because I deserve it.



7 thoughts on “Sunday runday

  1. Ouch!
    Not really on the same level but for the first time ever i got running blisters doing the HM last week. right on the arch of both feet. they healed a bit and for a laugh i ran 23km on them yesterday – the fuckers are now burst and very very sore. No idea why this happened all of a sudden.

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  2. I remember when you got that injury last year. A different bra maybe? I stopped wearing them for biking b/c they are so uncomfortable in the heat and I guess if that offends anyone I’m ok with that.

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