“In practice, we should repent rather than have remorse. To repent is not to feel remorse, but to feel one’s faults, realizing they are faults, and try one’s best not to make the same mistake again.”

– From “How To Be Faultless” by Master Sheng Yen. Tricycle Magazine, Winter 2016

Really? Is it really that simple? I don’t have to beat myself up? I can just simply realize my mistake? And move on? Hmmm.



2 thoughts on “Repent

  1. Sounds great to me! I guess if I really think about it, this is really more about acceptance. Accepting ourselves as imperfect beings. Accepting our mistakes. Having remorse means your living in the past rather than being in the present, having learned from previous experiences. Of course, all of this is easier said than done, but what a thing to aspire to!

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    1. Yes! I like your description. Remorse is reliving the past. I tend to do that. I like this idea of accepting, owning, my faults and mistakes and then learning from them. The idea of it instantly makes me feel lighter!


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