Pinhole in the Library: Cleaning Up


This is the last of my series of Pinhole In the Library photos, the final image that I had printed for the library’s art wall. This was another one from my “One Pinhole A Day” project from last year. I wanted to pinhole myself cleaning up after storytime, curious as to how all of the movement would look as a pinhole image. I liked the result!

Geeky Bits:
Camera: Ondu MK2 6×6
Film: Portra 160
Exposure Time: 1 minute 33 seconds

As I type this my muscles are aching. It’s winter and I’ve been running early in the morning in the dark. On Wednesday I was trucking along gleefully when I tripped and very dramatically landed and skidded on the sidewalk. I laid on my back and stared up into the stars as I regained my composure. When that happened, I sat up and looked myself over. I wasn’t bleeding. So I got up and finished my run. But my muscles have been achy ever since. And then this morning I was running (after the sun had risen) in the cold. I slipped on some ice and my leg muscle cramped from the act of bracing myself for a fall, which I didn’t do (thank goodness). So this evening I am sitting here feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck and realizing I should just run on the treadmill until winter is over.
With all of that in mind, here is the musical soundtrack to this post. Which really is more about the video.

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