At my meditation group we give away, or dedicate,  the merit of our meditation to those who are sick or have died. We have a list that we write names on. The names stay on the list for a few weeks and then drop off the list eventually. We actually say the names  out loud at the end of meditation. (You can read more about the Buddhist concept of merit here if you are son inclined.)

On the list there are beloved pets,  loved ones,  celebrities, and  victims of a particular catastrophic event.

For as long as I can remember “Victims of High School Shooting” has  been on the merit list. This is such a common occurrence that it consistently appears on the Merit List week after week.

This is devastating.


We. need. to. do. something. about. this.

Something real and tangible.




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  1. This is not unstoppable. A planned HS shooting was thwarted, just two days ago, at a school not 1000 feet from my fire station. Grandma was paying attention and called the cops. I think stories like this might instruct us in how to prevent these tragedies. It has to stop.

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  2. Thank you for mentioning that! I feel like I need to hear more positive stories about how regular people can thwart these horrible occurrences. I feel so powerless right now!


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