Pinholeday Part 1

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Pinholeday was a rainy ramble through the city of Norwich. It was a little cold but we didn’t let that stop us! Rain is a pinhole photographer’s friend. This day will be broken up into 3 different posts entirely based on the cameras I used. Today I will feature the Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera.

The day started at Norwich Castle and meandered along the River Wensum.

 Pinholeday (5 of 8)

Pinholeday (6 of 8)

Pinholeday (7 of 8)

Pinholeday (8 of 8)

Pinholeday (4 of 8)

We stopped for coffee along the way…

Pinholeday (3 of 8)

The evening was capped by bowling and beer.

Pinholeday (2 of 8)

Pinholeday (1 of 8)

7 thoughts on “Pinholeday Part 1

  1. I am really impressed by how many exposures you got on WPPD. I just kinda hunched my shoulders and waited for the rain to stop. Needless to say, my strategy didn’t net me a lot of photos. Well done and lovely!

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  2. Love your photos. I finally got mine scanned and ready to post. That was a very fun weekend in a great city with wonderful people. The weather was the worst I had in all my 8 weeks in England and perfect for pinhole cameras. Forget pulling out a digital

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