An attempt to be healthy

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I haven’t posted a running update in a very long time. This is because I haven’t been running. It is depressing. I am going through another bout of plantar fasciitis and it’s quite painful this time. I have had it for several months and there are days when I can barely walk, let alone run. I have not gone to the doctor because I can’t afford the insurance premium (a rant for another blog post). In the meantime, I have tried all kinds of things to get it to heal to not much avail. I even tried just resting and doing no exercise at all for a month, mostly out of spite. That was dumb.

During this whole fiasco I have realized that I am not a healthy eater and I have used running as an excuse to eat unhealthily. This realization and the cold fact that there has been a lot of death in my life lately made me realize that I need to change.  After some research and much thought I have decided to go vegan with my diet. For me, this means that I am focusing on eating more whole plant-based foods. I am going to try to avoid, as much as possible, anything processed.

I have been eating like this for more than a week and it’s not been difficult at all. There have been a couple of lapses, like that time last weekend when I “accidentally” ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And today when I ate a slice of carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting). But otherwise, I’ve been doing very well! And I feel really good. My skin has cleared up. My foot doesn’t hurt as much on the days that I eat kale (which is strange, but hey. I’ll take it!).

I haven’t lost any weight, which bums out my ego. That’s ok though! I am not doing this to lose weight or even to look good. I totally and completely am doing this for my health, which I think is the best reason.

I started doing yoga again this week and it has made me feel much better. I tried running yesterday morning and that was a bad idea. I will stick with yoga every morning until the foot stops hurting. I am really missing those early morning runs very much but I will be patient. I am hoping that I will be able to run again sometime in the future.

I may  blog my experience with becoming a vegan. Writing about stuff seems to help me and I like that it is here, on the internet, for me to access later.

9 thoughts on “An attempt to be healthy

  1. I am really sorry to read about your foot. I understand it is really painful. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t work out as it’s my release. I was just about to suggest yoga or Pilates . KEEP GOING with the healthy eating. My thoughts are with you!


    1. Really well! It’s been much easier to do than I thought. There were a couple of lapses with dairy. It’s hard to eat meals that don’t have some form of cheese. Like today I went out for lunch and had pasta which had parmesan sprinkled on it. But I am not going to beat myself up if I eat things like that once in awhile. The key for me is to eat more plants and whole foods. Again, I don’t think I’ve lost any weight but that’s fine. I’m not really exercising vigorously so I am not expecting it at the moment.

      I have been noticing that on the days that I eat Kale my foot isn’t hurting which I am finding really odd. I asked our reference librarian to research it and she said that there have been studies on the vitamins that make up kale and they are anti-inflammatory, so that makes sense. It’s crazy that a plant can be a more powerful anti-inflammatory than ibuprofen.


      1. If you are on a kale buzz have a look for a nice Colcannon dish. Basically spuds and kale mixed. I make this some times and it is a favourite comfort food for Lolo but her mother has set the bar pretty high with her version.


        1. I actually made that last week and really liked it a lot! I found it searching for kale recipes. Yes mothers in law tend to do that. Mine is a good cook and I will never be able to compare .


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