A Boring running update

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It’s been  a very long time since I’ve posted a running update! And since I am needing blog fodder for this 100 days project, I thought it would be fun to geek out write about running here on this blog. Running has always been an important part of my life, but recently I’ve gotten even more serious about it. I’ve managed to overcome plantar fascitis (knocking on wood) and have been running very consistently, 3 days a week at least, for over a year now. I have no idea how I beat plantar fascitis, but I am very happy that I did (knocks harder on wood). I am now up to 6 miles on my longer running days! I am so proud of myself. For years and years I tried to get to that magic number of 5 miles and it always eluded me. It feels good to have surpassed that goal, and feel like I can work up to longer runs. In another post I will write about some of the things that have helped me.

A few weeks ago I ran my first race. I have “run” Bloomsday before but I don’t really feel like that counts.

the names are amusing: “Boring Marathon“, “Ultra Boring Ultra Marathon”, “Half Boring Half Marathon”, and the “Not Even Close To Boring 5k”. Rafael ran the Ultra Marathon (30k) and I ran the 5k – another fact I found amusing.

The swag for the run was awesome! We got a really nice tech shirt and a bunch of other stuff. And my number was 333!!

I have to say, this was only 5k but it was harder than I thought it would be! I went in feeling a little cocky – like I would be able to kick ass and name names no problem. But as soon as the gun went off competition mode set in. I ran the race faster than I normally run and I ended up getting really tired. A bunch of people passed me at the end of the race and it sucked. But I did it  and I was in 17th place overall – which isn’t good but it isn’t terrible either. It isn’t last.


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