Respect the light



Today’s image was taken this past Monday while out on a fun photo outing with two other women pinhole photographers, Gretchen and Donna (do go check out their photography. It’s stellar.). We went up to Trillium Lake and had a fantastic time. I even swam in the lake. I haven’t gone swimming in a lake for at least 10 years. It was awesome. Lots of pinhole photos were shot, including this one. I took this with my Zero Image 45, a large format pinhole camera. Arista 100 4×5 sheet film was used.

I am still struggling with the wide angle on this camera, but every time I use it I warm up to it. I want to really get to know this camera. I want to become one with it and feel comfortable with it. I have almost talked myself into starting a “sheet a day” project in which I shoot one sheet of 4×5 film a day. I am pretty certain I am going to do this, it is just a matter of deciding when I want to start. I probably won’t post all of the photos I take, though. This will be for myself, so I can learn. Hopefully I will be able to shoot a few things worth posting.

13 thoughts on “Respect the light

    1. Me too! Didn’t we meet via the Ravelry 365 project years and years ago? I really enjoyed that. It helped my photography to shoot something everyday.


  1. Love it! It’s great that you want to do a Sheet a day project. I could never do that. I hope it doesn’t mean you have given up on the 52 rolls thing… 😉


      1. You could use the sheet a day stuff for your 52 rolls project and post one of them every week… That might be a solution.


          1. I’ve had that too for a while. I shot every week but had no time to scan and blog about it. I’m back on track again. You can do it too! 🙂 (peptalk…. ;))


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