Gotta sketch that itch


Sooo. I have been teaching myself how to  draw over the past few months. I am a big believer in daily practice and decided that I would try to sketch something daily. Then I got the idea to post my daily sketch on a drawing blog. I created a whole new blog for this endeavor and you can view it (and subscribe!) here. The blog is called Gotta Sketch That Itch  I love the name of it because that is exactly what I am doing. For some inexplicable reason I have this weird desire to draw – it has always been there. It’s an itch that needs to be scratched. I’m not very good at it, and I think that is part of why it’s important that I do it. And also why it is important to share my drawings with the community. I am forcing myself to take my ego out of this process entirely which is a very hard thing to do. But such a good lesson to learn.

While I am doing this 100 days project I am going to post one of my drawings once a week – one that I like the most from the previous week.

This week’s post is from a black and white photo I took last year.  I am going through this fabulous book called, “Urban Watercolor Sketching” by Felix Scheinberger. One of the exercises is learning to paint shadows using India Ink.

This is a very rare instance in which I feel like my drawing came out kind of good, sorta! I had fun with it, anyway.

Here is the original photo:

One rainy afternoon

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