Goodbye 2015

This has been a good year for me. It was very introspective. It was kind of spiritual. It was very peaceful. I did a lot of meditating and reading. I did a lot of questioning and sitting back and observing and being in the moment.  I did a lot of learning about myself. Here are […]

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On being hope less

I wrote this a month ago and have been sitting on it, hesitant to post it in the days leading up to Christmas because I didn’t think that a post on hopelessness would be appropriate. But now that Christmas is over… ——————————————————– I am taking another WordPress writing 101 class and today’s assignment is to […]

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A new camera 

I managed to draw one thing this past week: my newest pinhole camera. It’s a Nopo 35 and I am very excited to finally have it in my possession. It’s a beautiful hand made camera and also very practical. The shutter opens by turning the front. It has threading for filters (which I’m looking forward […]

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Running Playlist, Addendum 2

Eminence Front – The Who Right Action – Franz Ferdinand Make Some Noise – Beastie Boys Stigmata – Ministry Fri-end – Kate Nash All Night – Icona Pop Dip – Danny Brown Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Ray Other parts of the list: A-G H-I I-L L-N O-S S-T T-Y Addendum 1

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