A life.

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Self portrait

I am visiting my family on Lake Pend o’Reille in Idaho. I am about to enter the Literature program at UCSC and am reading my first homework, “The Sorrows Of Young Werther.” Quite possibly the most depressing book I’ve ever read.
Me when I was a baby
In 5th grade I bring this photo to school for a project. My teacher gushes, “look at that chubby baby.” I am mortified.

I put on my first pair of bifocals.


A hat and scarf I knit for my Sister In law a long time ago.
I am living in Santa Cruz, California and knitting wool hats and scarves.


I am a nanny in Menlo Park, CA for a high-powered lawyer and I live in an incredible house. I am finishing up a roll of film and decide to take a self portrait with the last shot on the roll.

I begin the last year of my thirties.


Me at cannon beach
I am on Cannon Beach digging clams.


Me wearing my new scarf
I am living in Spokane, Washington, standing in the yard of the house we just purchased.

Holga Selfie
I am in a Hotel room in Newport wasting time with a Holga by taking a selfie while waiting for my husband to finish his run.


*prompt found on this week’s Daily Post.

11 thoughts on “A life.

  1. I love these photos! I remember 28. I was there, it was right after I had Elizabeth. That was a very fun day. I love 1, adorable! Your teacher was full of crap by the way. I also remember that day in 7, another great memory.

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    1. Thank you Kelly! I was gong to mention in 28 that I met Elizabeth for the first time. That was a very memorable vacation! I very vaguely remember the day in 7 but I might be mixing it up with a day in Long Beach…


  2. Was it cannon beach? I thought it was long beach. No wonder I can never find the motel when we go there. Love that picture. I think you get you photo talent from me. Just kidding. Love you so much.

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  3. Nice series of images. My suggestion is to look at some of Terry Pratchett’s books – I have yet to throw one across the room in frustration (plus, doing that would break my Kindle).

    Liked by 1 person

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