Film swap with Espressobuzz


I am very behind on posting photography related things! I am going to try to catch up in the next couple of weeks. I have been going through a developing and scanning frenzy lately, which helps!

Sometime toward the end of last year I did a film swap with my buddy and fellow pinhole photography enthusiast, Hank. You may know him as Espressobuzz on the intertubes.

I shot my photos around Sandy and at a secret waterfall location. And he shot his in Seattle, redscaling beforehand. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see more here. I am working my way through some rolls that he sent me so watch this space for more in the future!

You can read his post about this on 52 rolls here. Go visit his fantastic Flickr stream here.

Portland Vs. Seattle
Portland Vs. Seattle
Portland Vs. Seattle
Portland Vs. Seattle



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