While I was away I stopped doing almost all of the things that are a part of my daily routine. I didn’t meditate. I didn’t read. I didn’t draw (despite my best intentions).  I didn’t run. I didn’t do yoga.

Not doing these things for two weeks has been interesting. The first jetlagged week back I moved about my surroundings in a haze of blissful detachment. In the haze I thought about the things that I practice everyday. I wondered what things are really important and necessary. I wondered any of it really is necessary. Yes, even the meditation. In that haze I felt like it is all just “stuff I do to get through.” If that makes any sense at all.

I feel like I hit the reset button on my free time. I have been thinking about the this idea of the 10,000 hours and how I want to spend that time. One of the aspects of the 10,000 hours is the fact that you have to love what you are doing for all of those hours (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to commit to all of that time).

I am thinking here about my drawing hobby. I barely picked up a pen the entire time I was on vacation. If I really loved drawing I would have carved out the time to draw. But I didn’t. This makes me wonder if this hobby is really something I’m serious about, and if not, do I want to spend my free time doing it? The fact is that I enjoy doing it, but I don’t see myself ever creating paintings. I enjoy doodling in the sketchbook, and that is where my interest ends.

Should I continue with it? Is my heart really in it? I don’t know.

8 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Drawing is a great skill to cultivate, if only to think in the realm of translating 3D into 2D or communicating to others visually. You may not ever create visual art that springs from your drawing, but drawing is a classic skill useful for people in the sciences or anyone who creates art. I say stick with it as interest or time allow.

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  2. I’ve sacrificed photography for writing this last year, and I find I haven’t missed it much. I love it, and will do it again, but right now I’m trying to focus my passion into some books. I want to give full creative time to my books right now, but I can’t imagine never picking up the camera again. It will happen. It’s OK to put some things aside. If they continue to whisper to you, and scratch at your door, you’ll let them in again, when the time is right. Whenever I “guilt” myself into doing something, I never really enjoy it like I should.

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