The Awesome List, revisited again


I’ve been thinking lately about all of the things I want to do and places I want to see. I have made a few lists here in the past so I thought it would be fun to revisit them to see where I’m at and what I want to add. I have some specific things I’ve been thinking about lately that I will probably do sooner rather than later.

Let’s start with my original list. There aren’t very many things here! And I’ve done them all!:

√1. Develop my own film. Done! and there’s even a blog post to prove it. 

√2. Travel travel travel. Wow. This wish came true in the best way ever. When I wrote the original blog post I had no idea I would meet an amazing tribe of people with the same interest in pinhole photography and that I would travel around the world to meet up with them once a year. Hell, I had no idea I’d be doing pinhole photography for that matter.

√3. Publish my own, handmade book. Did this! I made a book to celebrate my blog’s 10th anniversary in 2013. I handmade 25 books (more like zines) and gave them away to my readers. It was such a fun project!

√4. Make Art. This is kinda vague. But I’ve been doing all sorts of art. My desire to sketch ebbs and flows. Currently not really interested in it. But pinhole photography has really filled a creative void in my life. 

5. Visit underground Portland. Still have yet to do this.

√6. Get a manicure. Finally did this! I feel indifferent about it now. I’m not really a manicure/pedicure kind of girl. I’ve got runner’s feet and my toenails are falling off and it just kind of seems like a waste to paint them. In general It just seems like money that I could spend elsewhere. If I had extra money to spend I wouldn’t mind getting weekly manicures but on the other hand I couldn’t really give a fuck. 

√3. Go on an epic hike. Honestly not sure why this is here. Epic hikes are a part of my lifestyle and have been for many, many years. I have some ideas for more of them, which I will talk about in another post. 

I have another, longer, list that I’ve revisited already. So in another post I think I will list some very specific things that I want to do. I think being specific is key to actually doing those things that are on the bucket list. I definitely have some specific things that I am excited to jump into soon.

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