The last of my beach shots from earlier this summer. I just finished a roll of film in my Zero today and I ordered some more c-41 developer. I’m looking forward to more pinhole from this past summer! Camera: Zero 2000 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: Less than 1 second

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A Day At The Beach

I really dig the series of photos I took at the beach a few months ago so I will continue posting them on Fridays. This was taken with my Zero 2000 and Ektar 100. Exposure time was less than a second.

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Beach Day

Getting around to editing some scans from this past Summer and I am really digging this one. You really can’t go wrong with pinhole on a busy beach. Camera: Zero 2000 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 1 second

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Still Creek

This has been quite the week. I think we can all use some stillness. I know I can. Camera: Reality So Subtle 6×6 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 1 minute 31 seconds Developed by Pro Photo Supply Shot at Still Creek Campground on Mt Hood.

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