Still working my way through those One Pinhole A Day photos. Here is December 14. I took this while eating lunch at my regular lunch hangout. I was probably eating my usual: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Here are some random things going on in my head this week: Somehow, over the weekend, I found […]

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On a more personal note…

I’ve been pretty open about my struggles with depression and anxiety on this blog so I thought I would share something positive with you. A month ago I wrote a blog post about being depressed and anxious about the election. My mom read the post and sent me a text suggesting I go get my […]

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A life.

28. I am visiting my family on Lake Pend o’Reille in Idaho. I am about to enter the Literature program at UCSC and am reading my first homework, “The Sorrows Of Young Werther.” Quite possibly the most depressing book I’ve ever read. ———— 1 In 5th grade I bring this photo to school for a […]

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