Fight the Power

So this song popped up on my iTunes on my drive back to my office from a program at the other library up the Mountain. Seems appropriate after Trump’s incredible press conference this afternoon. Advertisements

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“I often think that Neoliberalism is what lovelessness looks like as policy. … it looks like water pipes leaking lead in Flint. It looks like foreclosed mortgages on homes that were built to collapse. … It looks like trashing the beauty of the planet as if it had no value at all. It is, much […]

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February Postcard Swap

The February postcard swap is posted on Elfster and ready for you to sign up. You may do so by clicking here: February postcard swap I am really enjoying the Elfster format! I love that there is a discussion feature and I also especially love the gallery feature where we can share photos of the […]

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Keep on the Sunny Side

Yesterday evening I gathered with some friends for our monthly Women’s Group dinner. As we chatted about current events, the conversation came around to what had been happening yesterday, the way Trump shockingly and quickly signed executive orders for several controversial things.  This circled around to me saying, “It’s so scary.” My friend quickly corrected me: […]

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