“We are all going to die. Knowing one another is very precious. At the moment of death, the only thing that really matters is the condition of your heart.”                                                     […]

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How to die (if you are David Bowie).

Get Cancer. Don’t reveal to the public that you have cancer. While going through Chemo/contemplating your death, throw your creative energy into making a unbelievably amazing album. Release said record album to the public on your birthday. Die two days later. Well played, sir. The world will greatly miss you. Photo credit: By AVRO (Beeld […]

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Today’s photo blog post is a tribute to my husband’s uncle, Tom Martin. He passed away last night after a battle with cancer. When I heard the news I thought about this photo I took two years ago. Cherry blossoms represent the fleeting, yet beautiful, nature of life itself. They are beautiful but we only […]

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Pioneer to the falls

The first time I heard this song was in October of 2007.  I’d heard the news that my step-brother was found hanging from a tree, alone in the wilderness of Idaho that morning. I wasn’t particularly close to my step-brother but, still, the news cut deep. I was living in Spokane at the time and […]

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