Celtic Spirit Yoga

I’m feeling enamored, lately, with my Holga. I’m thinking about taking it with me on our trip to England later this year to use specifically for portraits of my pinhole buddies from around the world. I’m am generally too shy for portrait photography but  I’m feeling a big need to break out of my comfort […]

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F Up Friday

Some of my film photography friends on Twitter have posted some of their favorite messed up shots on Fridays and I thought I’d join in the fun. I’m going to use this post as a jumping off point to post more Holga shots in the near future. For some reason my Holga often ends up […]

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Knife and Rod

This was was taken on my walk to work. I found this knife on the sidewalk and this stick sitting near it. A person walked by while I was making this and I wondered what they were thinking of the whole scene. Geeky Bits: Camera: Zero 45(25mm) Film: Illford FP4 Exposure time: 1 minute 30 […]

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Another “bring your pinhole camera to work” photo. Not much else to say about that…:) Geeky Bits Camera: Zero 45 (25mm) Film: Illford FP4 Exposure Time: 2 minutes 26 seconds.

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Office Space

FP4 Party week was a regular old work week for me so of course I brought my pinhole camera with me to work. Here is slice of 20 minutes of me at my desk. Geeky bits: Camera: Zero 45 (25mm) Film: Illford FP4 plus Exposure time: 20 minutes

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