10 years ago

The news of the past week has left me exhausted, and to add to my suffering I had to go to the doctor today for a running injury that I am hoping won’t sideline me. I’m right at a key point in my training, too. So I’m a little bit depressed and stressed. I really […]

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Beach Thing

Here are a couple of photos from my first roll through the Reality So Subtle pinhole camera. The first shot is using the top pinhole, the bottom shot is using the bottom pinhole. I cropped the massive vignette out of the top pinhole shot, and I like the resulting image, much more than I like […]

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Pinhole in the Library

I brought my Reality So Subtle to work with me last month to play with. Again, I made a shot each with both pinholes. I am going to be displaying my pinhole photos in the library at the end of the year and am working on a theme of “Pinhole In The Library.” For the […]

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Ferrania P30

I thought I’d have photos of a mountain adventure to share today but there was no adventures to be had this weekend. Instead I offer a photo of something else exciting. Today I FINALLY received my order of Ferrania P30. I’m so excited! I’m going to save it for something special.

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So subtle

My husband bought me a Reality So Subtle pinhole camera for our anniversary! We picked it up at Blue Moon Camera And Machine on our way to the coast the weekend of our anniversary and I was very lucky that Pinhole Master Zeb Andrews  was working that day. He sold us the camera and gave […]

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