Six word Saturday 


Stitches. Not what I expected today.


I had to take my husband to urgent care today because a pointy rock stabbed him in the shin on his trail run. ūüė¶ we managed to salvage the day by going for a nice walk and shooting pinhole. Here is a photo I took with my phone.


Six Word Saturday


This week’s Lesson: everyone’s a stranger. *



*In a good way. I am doing Precept Study at my zen center and the precept we worked with this past week is: “Do not dwell on past mistakes — create wisdom from ignorance.” In a book I’m reading the author interprets this precept with the statement: “I take up the way of meeting others with openness and possibility.” ¬†I like the idea of meeting everyone with a blank slate. Because, honestly, the person standing in front of you is not the same person who stood before you yesterday (even if they appear to be).