Still working my way through those One Pinhole A Day photos. Here is December 14. I took this while eating lunch at my regular lunch hangout. I was probably eating my usual: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Here are some random things going on in my head this week: Somehow, over the weekend, I found […]

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Holga GTLR Take 2 – Astoria

In my last photoblog I posted the blurry results from the first roll through my Holga GTLR. I thought for my next few posts I’d share more results from that camera. Happy to have figured out the error of my ways, I brought it with me on a weekend  trip to Astoria, Oregon.  I had a […]

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Me: I am taking a photo of the Twin Peaks Diner with a Holga. I feel so hipster. Raf: That is High-Hipster. This is my Holga GFN with a 35mm film adaptor.  It was fun to use but I didn’t love the results from it. Below is the other shot from the entire roll of […]

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