Cape Disappointment

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Jake the Alligator Man

Image by Dunechaser via Flickr

Stoked! Raf and I will be going to Cape Disappointment (on the Washington coast) next week while i will be on vacation. I think I might see if we can stay a night in Long Beach, as well.

I have fond memories of Long Beach. We stayed there when I was a kid. I remember visiting  Marsh’s Free Museum and seeing the Jake, the Alligator Man.  I was totally fascinated by this horrific thing. So fascinated that I bought a postcard that featured the alligator man and brought it to show-and-tell at school the next week. God. It embarrasses me to think about what my teacher must have thought of me when I brought in a picture of this totally horrific looking creature in to school to show all of the other children.

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