Flickr changed their website, as you are well aware of by now. As soon as I opened the front page I was completely revolted by the way it looked. But I decided to sit with it for a few days and let it all sink in.

After letting it sink it I am still revolted by it. I used to love to browse around and get inspired. Now it all just looks ugly. I open up the home page and my stomach turns.

Admittedly, I have realized that Flickr’s been dying a slow death several years. But I’ve held on, mostly because it has been a way for me to back up my photos. It will continue to serve that purpose. But I am not sure if it will continue to be a place where I will spend much time browsing and getting inspired.

That makes me sad. I’ve been a loyal Flickr user since 2005.  I feel like this might be the end. And that makes me sad.

Today I signed up at 500px and I like it. I might hang around there for awhile. My username over there is monismith if you want to hang out with me over there.