Astoria – part 1: The Commodore Hotel

Travel and Other Adventures

I realized I forgot to post a blog last night so I will have to post two today to make up for it! I will start the adventure by telling you about the Commodore Hotel – which is where we are staying. 

It’s a really neat old building right in Downtown Astoria.  I love Astoria and was looking forward to staying right downtown. It’s not a big city by any stretch of the imagination but it’s quaint and historic and there are a lot of great breweries, restaurants, and shops. 

We walked into the small, hip lobby and checked in. 

i was drawn to the bookshelves

I noticed the record collection and, indeed, we could check out a portable turntable to take to our room. I’ve been chuckling about this all weekend but it kind of came in handy when I bought an old record at a thrift store yesterday! 

Apparently it was happy hour when we checked in so the front desk clerk drew us a beer from the tap on the counter (!). It was delicious. A seasonal from Fort George brewery across the street. 

Our room is very small and we have to share a bathroom down the hall. It also doesn’t have air conditioning. Which completely sucks because it was in the 90s. However, in addition to turntables they also check out portable fans. 

Not bad. It’s kind of fun for a couple night stay. 

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