NYE Reflection – goodbye 2017

I’m just going to get this out right here at the start: This was a year of letting go, of losing things that I’ve taken for granted. It was a painful year, starting with the loss of President Obama, and not knowing where our country was going to go with President Voldemort in power (sorry, […]

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one second a day, 2016

Here it is, my one second a day video for the past year. Videos from past years can be found here. Enjoy! 🙂

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Goodbye 2015

This has been a good year for me. It was very introspective. It was kind of spiritual. It was very peaceful. I did a lot of meditating and reading. I did a lot of questioning and sitting back and observing and being in the moment.  I did a lot of learning about myself. Here are […]

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One Second A Day – 2014

Here is my One Second A Day video for 2014! What a wonderful year. I meant to post this last night but doing the final edits took forever and eventually I fell asleep on the couch as I waited for it to upload to Youtube. Raf woke me up at midnight so we could ring […]

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One second every day in 2013

Here it is. One year in the making. My year in one second a day. I really enjoyed doing this and will continue in 2014! I had some questions about how I did this. I was originally inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s project. He created a Kickstarter for an app that he made for this which […]

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