Review: Stay by Allie Larkin

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StayStay by Allie Larkin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Van is devastated when her best friend marries the man she is in love with. When she comes home from the wedding she drowns her sorrows in kool-aide and vodka and accidentally orders a German Shepherd off of the internet. A German Shepherd from Slovakia. That only answers to Slovakian.   Hilarity ensues. And so does romance.

I LOVED this book. I absolutely loved it. I looked forward to reading it and enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t devour it. I just enjoyed it. The characters are wonderful. Somebody mentioned in another review on Goodreads that they are not good or bad characters. They just are. They are themselves and they are living life and getting through the issues that they have to get through. I love that. People are people. We all have our things that we have to deal with. There was a line that Van ¬†says that I loved and I don’t have the book in front of me to quote exactly but it was something like “Life is complicated. Relationships are complicated. They aren’t easy. You have to work at them. And some people are worth the work.” I probably butchered that quote but the idea is there.

Allie really does a good job of pulling the reader into the story. I really felt like I was there with Van, experiencing what she was experiencing. I love a story that I can get lost in like this.

Highly recommended reading for people who just want to read a good book about life. Great characters and a good, solid story.

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