Let’s exchange photos!


My friend shared this link with me today on Facebook and immediately the wheels in my head started turning. A few hours earlier I was thinking about the days when we used to write letters to each other and now those days are over. It’s kind of sad. Our words to each other only exist in the digital world which is fleeting and tenuous. If you haven’t clicked the link yet, let me tell you what this is and what I am proposing.  Jai Tanju started a print exchange with his buddies and it blew up into something incredible. You can see his blog here.

I love this idea. You might have figured this out about me by now: I love the tangible. I love making things and holding tangible things in my hands. So I love this idea to pieces.  And I want to exchange photography with you! This will be a good excuse to get into the darkroom because that is what I am planning to send. But you don’t have to do that! You can send whatever you want! There are no rules, as far as I am concerned. Are you interested? If so fill out the form in this post and lets exchange photos! Let’s make the mail fun again!

There have been some friends on Twitter and Facebook who have shown interest (if we’ve already chatted about this don’t worry about filling out the form). So I am thinking it might be fun to figure out how to collaborate on this. Let me think about this for a day or so and I might come back for a part 2 on this blog post…


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