I am completely sickened by what happened last night and today in Charlottesville. I still can’t believe that I saw images of white supremacists walking down the street, fully embracing Hitler and Nazism, chanting things like “Russia Is Our Friend” and “Blood and Soil.” These men weren’t even trying to hide themselves. What the fuck? And […]

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Self, resting in a hammock

I brought my pinhole camera camping up on Mt Hood. It was a hot weekend and we wanted to escape the heat. It was nice to set up the hammock and rest for awhile. Camera: Reality So Subtle 6×6 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 2 minutes 33 seconds Developed by Pro Photo Supply.

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Happy birthday Doug

Today is my stepdad’s birthday. He passed away in 2009 and I still miss him. I’ve been thinking about him lately because he appeared in my dream a few nights ago. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was about. I’ve been thinking a lot lately (for some reason) about watching him […]

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Songs that make me cry

Since this is such an interesting subject, I think I will make it a series. When I happen to hear a song that makes me cry I’ll post it. Perhaps you can make sense of why (because sometimes I really haven’t a clue). Today a Facebook friend posted this video on his feed. I love […]

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My number was called

I received the letter for jury duty in early May, but had to defer it because of a major project at work. Apparently I wasn’t thinking straight when I only deferred it for three months because when I got the letter for early August I thought, “I can’t do this. I’m in the middle of […]

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