Now I know what inspired The Birds

Cover of "The Birds (Collector's Edition)...

Cover of The Birds (Collector's Edition)

Did you know that Hitchcock had a home in Scotts Valley? It’s true. Scotts Valley is a mere hop away from Santa Cruz and the Coast. Apparently he was very fond of his second home here.

I say this because I am convinced, since he lived in the area, that his movie, The Birds, had to be somewhat based on a phenomenon that happens around here, and that I experienced yesterday evening as I was innocently taking my grocery cart to it’s proper storage area at Trader Joes.

So let me set the mood a little bit. The fog was rolling in, so there was a certain ominousness in the air. It’s always a little fun and creepy when the fog rolls in. At least I think so.

So I’m walking back to my car, and I feel something grab my hair and pull up on it. At the same time I see a shadow swoop over me. It didn’t hurt, but was rather startling. I realized that it was a bird. I screamed a little bit, as I was kind of surprised. When I gathered my wits a second later, I noticed that the bird was continuing to dive-bomb me, though the last go-around he (or she) missed. When I noticed this I followed the bird with my eyes and saw that it landed on a car. It looked me dead in the eyes (I kid you not) and took off again, aimed right toward me. This fucking bird was attacking me. I didn’t wait around for it to claw me again, I just started running to my car! I felt like an utter dork, but I don’t care. The movie, The Birds kind of messed me up like that. Gave me a fear of attacking birds.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed this older lady kind of waiting on the sidewalk. I thought she looked either impatient or distraught. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was afraid to walk across the parking lot!

This is not the first time this has happened. It happens every spring, actually. The magpies are fiercely protecting thier eggs from crows. I fucking hate it. Everytime it happens its freaky. I mean, the bird’s claws grab hold of your hair! One time (actually, it was the day my husband proposed to me…again it was in May) a magpie or crow actually drew blood! Thank god we didn’t take it as a bad omen :lol:.

4 thoughts on “Now I know what inspired The Birds

  1. This story scared me and I wasn’t there! I watched an unedited version of The Birds when I was only 6 or 7 (older brother abuse) and I STILL don’t trust ’em. I would have been screaming!


  2. Did my first comment get through? Anyway, just read your 100 things list and now feel free to say what I wanted to say…

    Holy Shit! I would have been screaming like a mad woman in the TJ’s parking lot.

    Enjoyed your list very much. I’m from KY, I know about snake handling – I’ve seen some wild photos in old books and an occasional bit will still show up in the paper about some guy dying of snake bites … indoors. Welcome back. Went to a missionary Baptist church myself for a few years as a child. Never again.


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